Got To Get My Steps In Somehow

4.5 hours of today was spent driving in the car. Ughhhhh! That does nothing for my activity level. Tomorrow 6 hours, well really 4 actual hours, but with the time change it’ll be 6 will be spent on a plane. Of course it’s worth it, because I’m heading home to see friends and family for 2 weeks. Oh and did I mention it’s in civilization. What!? What’s that you ask, yeah it’s something Wyoming is missing a lot of.
So with this traveling and sitting still for hours on end I’m creating my plan to get my steps and workouts in. My flight leaves at 7am which means I’m at the airport at 5am. Yuck. So I’ll be doing some serious laps around the airport that’s for sure. And, to get my T25 workout in well I’ll be doing that at the stroke of midnight followed by a quick shower and then a few hours of shut eye before getting off to the airport. I’ll be taking a nap here shortly so that I can get up at midnight to do said workout.
As for today and getting my steps in I did a little running around IKEA, hello steps galore. After that I went to the mall and did some window shopping. And, now I’m currently working on this blog while pacing my hotel room. Only 1000 more steps needed today.
How do you get your activity in when on long travel days?

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