NYC – A Quick Way To Get Some Steps

I’ve escaped the land of Wyoming for a visit home. I’m visiting my brother and sister-in-law in the Bronx for a few days and then will be heading upstate to the Catskills for the 4th of July.
This morning I got up and busted out my T25 workout. Upper Body Focus I still very much hate you. After the workout was complete a shower was had I headed off to do some pampering of myself. I walked up to the businesses that are around my brother’s neighborhood. First I stopped into the Eyebrow Threading Palace. I love getting my eyebrows threaded. Everyone says it hurts, it doesn’t phase me at all. And, plus whenever I wax I break out, none of that with threading. I love getting my eyebrows done, unfortunately there is no eyebrow threading done in Wyoming. So I can get them done when I travel to Denver or when I come home. Oh and the best part the little place on the corner here costs $5. What! That’s less then half what I have to pay at the little shops in the malls.
The eyebrow threading was followed up by a quick manicure. Did I mention the manicure comes complete with a shoulder massage while your nails are drying. Uhmmm, yeah it does, and all for the price of $5. Heck, for that price I may just go get a manicure every day I am here. So for a total of $15 I got my eyebrows threaded a manicure, and tip included. Who says everything in NYC is expensive.
After the manicure I hightailed it back to the apartment to catch the US v Germany game. Best part about this little jaunt 6000 steps completed easily. I love it. Tomorrow I’m heading into Manhattan for a little fun and to have lunch with my sister-in-law and to check out her new office.

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