Need To Get Back On track

I’ve been off track for a while and it’s time I get back on it. I’ve been getting at least 10,000 steps a day and doing my T25 religiously, and even attending yoga a couple of times a week.
So with the being active part I’m doing pretty well. I still need to get my steps back up to 15,000 at least. However, the making healthy food choices or even just sticking to serving sizes I have been awful. I know that when I track every thing I eat and plan why I’m going to eat I do so much better. And, knowing this you’d think I’d stick to that, however that hasn’t been the case. So here it is my way to e held accountable. It’s time to get my butt back on track when it comes to eating healthy and reasonable amounts of food.

Gamma Cycle Week 1 DONE

Today was the completion of Week 1 of the Gamma Cycle. And, I’m not going to say it was easy by any means, but I’m also proud to say I completed it. It was definitely some of the hardest 25 minutes of working out I’ve done, but I was able to do it, and even nailed some of it.
If you’re wondering if the program works well I can tell you this 11 weeks ago I would of never come close to making it through the first 5 minutes of any of these work outs. And, well I not only made it trough them but I was doing it and keeping up with them. So yes the program works. I’m getting stronger and fitter every day. I even did some of the real moves instead of the modified versions. That’s something I never thought I’d be able to say that. Thanks Shaun T and Focus T25!

Just Not Feeling It

Today has been a complete waste of a day. I’ve been loafing around. I had to force myself to workout at 3 today, because I had done absolutely nothing all day. Well, I read a book but for being active that I was definitely not.
I’ve been running around and doing some errands so that’ll help with my activity level today. And, well now it’s time for some baseball. Only 2 more games after this and then it’s playoff time.

I’m Going To Feel That Tomortow

I did day 2 of the Gamma Cycle, and well let’s just say Shaun T ain’t playing around when he says this cycle’s focus is strength.
Yikes! 3 of the 4 videos in this cycle use hand weights/resistance bands. And, well for all if you out there my strength is pretty crappy. Push-ups, yeah I’m doing them in a table top position, planks, well with the help if T25 I’m now able to hold a modified plank for a minute, but anyway you can see strength not my strong suit. Although, I have a feeling after this cycle I may be somewhat improved in that area.
However I was hurting today. I made it through the workout but my arms and shoulders were screaming at times, and I’m positive that tomorrow I’ll be feeling the affects of this latest round if Shaun T torture. But hey stronger fitter me I’m all for it.