My First Outdoor Yoga Class

Tonight I attended my first outdoor yoga class, and I enjoyed it immensely. The local river trail program here in town has arranged a weekly Thursday night yoga class. Tonight’s class was the first and taught by my favorite instructor at the studio I attend.
The class was great especially after not attending a class the past 2 weeks while on vacation. The setting was perfect. A nice grassy area along the river, where you could here the flow of the water, and see the mountain off in the distance. I really enjoyed the fresh air, cool breeze, and outdoor sounds. I could of done without the bugs crawling on me, but when in nature you have to deal with all of nature. And, well we had to deal with all of nature since Mother Nature decided to give us a bit of a shower. We adjusted quickly though and moved to the covered patio and continued on as nothing happened.
A really cool thing about the class is that all of the money raised from the classes is going towards the creation of a new park being built along the river trail. The park will include an outdoor yoga studio and outdoor education area. How cool is that? I will gladly hand over $10 a week for that.
I really enjoyed the outdoor setting for the class and am looking forward to next weeks class.


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