Pudding Pops

The other day while picking up a few quick items at Walmart, my house was seriously lacking in some staples since being on vacation, i.e. milk, eggs, bread, you know that type of stuff, I ran across the most amazing thing EVER! And, now I’ll tell you what it is after that ridiculously long sentence better yet I’ll show you.

WHAT!!! A pudding pop kit. Yeah, you know that little gem was ripped off the shelf and in my cart quicker than one can blink an eye.
I used to love pudding pops growing up they were one of my favorites. I also loved the commercials. And, well let’s just say there have been many a days when I’ve longed for the days of ole when I could go into the freezer and pull out a pudding pop. Well my friends that day is over I’ve now got 6 pudding pops freezing in my freezer and this girl plans on enjoying every single one of them.
If you’re a pudding pop fan or want to introduce your children to the wonderfulness that is pudding pops head on over to your nearest Walmart and grab yourself a kit. The kit was under $5 and came with 4 boxes of pudding. It’s quite the deal, but who are we kidding I would of paid a whole lot more for it.


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