A Little Fair & Rodeo Action

I attended the fair and rodeo tonight with my friend Crysy. It was a good time. Only one person was injured so overall that’s a pretty good night. I mean they are riding bulls and bucking broncs, how every single one of them is not carted out of the arena is beyond me. The bull rider that got hurt did walk out of the arena with some help so hopefully it’s not too bad.
Walking around the fair helped get in some activity and steps, oh and the not to mention that I park at the bank and walk the quarter mile or so into the fair. It’s. Nice walk and a whole lot easier to get out when it’s time to leave.
Along with walking around the fair and enjoying the rodeo I attended my Saturday morning yoga class, which was a good one. We did some ab work today and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. I also did some house cleaning and straightening up. We have an open house scheduled tomorrow, so have to make the house look good. I still have to mow the dogs’ yard in the morning, which shouldn’t take too long, vacuum the kitchen, and do the mopping. But other than that the house is ready for showing.
Overall it’s been a pretty busy active day.
Here’s hoping for some down time tomorrow.


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