A Little Of This A Little Of That

I started the day off with some T25 Beta Cycle. And, yes friends it still kicks my a$$. I enjoy it, and I can endure and get through anything for 25 minutes. I say that now, but ask me that question when I start the Gamma Cycle my answer may be different.
Tonight is the 2nd week of Outdoor Yoga along the river trail. So I’m making myself a late lunch early dinner so that I’m not famished by the time the class is over at 6:30. I’m excited and a little nervous about the class. This will be my first yoga class since I started with a different instructor. I really like Liz and her classes so it’ll be fun to see how Sarah teaches her class and how I feel about it after.
And, once my yoga class is over I’ll be sprinting out of there to head to some BASEBALL!!! It will be my first game in a month. The 2 weeks I was away were all home games so they have been on the road until tonight. I’m excited to see the Fish in action. I’ll be a few minutes late, but hey it’s a baseball game they last hours.
So as you can see it really is a day of a little of this and a little of that.

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