Yoga With Someone New

On Thursday night I attended the outdoor yoga session along the river trail. Up until then I had only been to 8 yoga classes and all of them were taught by the same person. Liz is awesome and I love her classes and have developed an appreciation for yoga that I definitely did not have before attending her classes.
The Thursday night classes are being taught by a different instructor each week. This past week Sarah was our instructor. I enjoyed the class a lot but was a completely different style than that of Liz. Sarah’s style was definitely a lot more intense than Liz’s. We did a lot of poses that were challenging and would hold them for quite a while. Along with the challenging poses we were doing some serious balance poses. I need to work on my balance clearly after seeing how I performed those balance moves. Let’s just say balance was not with me on Thursday night.
It was a great class I was exhausted afterwards and work up a sweat I did. I know that I got a great workout in. It was also great to experience a completely different style of teaching yoga.
I attended class with Liz this morning as well. I’m going to have to find myself a yoga studio as soon as I get to VA because I am really enjoying this. So anyone in the Hampton Roads area of VA if you know of a good yoga studio be sure to let me know.


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