I’m Going To Feel That Tomortow

I did day 2 of the Gamma Cycle, and well let’s just say Shaun T ain’t playing around when he says this cycle’s focus is strength.
Yikes! 3 of the 4 videos in this cycle use hand weights/resistance bands. And, well for all if you out there my strength is pretty crappy. Push-ups, yeah I’m doing them in a table top position, planks, well with the help if T25 I’m now able to hold a modified plank for a minute, but anyway you can see strength not my strong suit. Although, I have a feeling after this cycle I may be somewhat improved in that area.
However I was hurting today. I made it through the workout but my arms and shoulders were screaming at times, and I’m positive that tomorrow I’ll be feeling the affects of this latest round if Shaun T torture. But hey stronger fitter me I’m all for it.

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