Day 2

Started off in Lincoln Nebraska and 600+ miles later we are in Corydon Indiana.
Needless to say my activity levels are low. Activity consists of getting out of the car to walk the dogs every 200+ miles, fill the car with gas, and use the restroom.
Can’t wait for this move to be over and get back on track.
1 more day.

Day 1

Today is day 1 of the drive from Virginia to Wyoming and well it was 11+ hours of driving. We made it over 600 miles though so we are making progress. Of course that much time driving/sitting on your butt makes no time for working out. Of course come Monday when we are unloading the truck and then unpacking I’ll be making up for the lack of activity now.


Today was my last yoga class here in Wyoming. While I’m excited about that because it means moving day is quickly approaching. 5 days to be exact. However, I really have enjoyed the classes I’ve been taking and my instructor. She is amazing and like I’ve said before has made me fall in love with yoga. So, I was a but sad to say goodbye to her and the class.
Although, I am looking forward to finding a new yoga studio in VA once we get there.
Farewell yoga in Wyoming and hello to yoga in VA.

A Little Gift

Tomorrow is my last day of yoga here in Wyoming. I’m a bit bummed about that. I’ve really come to enjoy it.
Yoga, was something I never thought I’d be into. It just seemed a bit to New Agey for me, and the whole move with your breath, and it’s slowed paced so what kind of workout am I truly getting. Well, for those of you who have never done yoga, trust me it’s a workout. There are times during the hour class that I’m willing the seconds to pass quickly.
I’ll be looking for a new yoga studio to join in VA once I get there. However, I’m going to enjoy my final class tomorrow. The class tomorrow will be with Liz, who I am so glad to have met. I took my first class wit her, and was introduced to the world of yoga. I’m really glad that I took the class I did with her because I’ve found a new love for something that I thought I would hate, and also with each class I learn a little more about myself.
In appreciation for all she’s done for me I got her a little gift as a thank you for introducing me to the world of yoga.
I’m going to miss her and her class, but I will take with me a great appreciation for all she’s taught me and the love I’ve developed for yoga.


A little copper, silver, and turquoise bracelet for a great instructor.