Working Out Like A Maniac

The past 2 days I’ve gotten back into my groove. I do my T25 workout and have been following it up with a 45 minute aerobics class.
I think this is what I’ve been missing since starting the Gamma Cycle. I’m a cardio fan, and not so much for the strength training, and with this cycle it’s been killing me. 4 out of 5 days is strength focused and only 1 day with a real focus on cardio.
I’m exhausted after the T25 workout, but I can plow through the aerobics class and I’m feeling a heck of a lot better after.
Once we get settled in our new home I’m really going to have to work on finding the balance between the 2. I hate strength training but like I’ve said before I’m noticing a difference in my body and I want to keep it up.
Along with those 2 workouts I’ve been ending my nights with an hour yoga class. I can’t believe how much I’m coming to enjoy yoga. It’s been a lot if fun and I hope that I find a new studio with an instructor as much as I love my current one once we move. Because, I definitely want to continue with the yoga.
Tomorrow’s Friday!!!!!! Can’t wait for some fun filled weekend plans.


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