A Little Gift

Tomorrow is my last day of yoga here in Wyoming. I’m a bit bummed about that. I’ve really come to enjoy it.
Yoga, was something I never thought I’d be into. It just seemed a bit to New Agey for me, and the whole move with your breath, and it’s slowed paced so what kind of workout am I truly getting. Well, for those of you who have never done yoga, trust me it’s a workout. There are times during the hour class that I’m willing the seconds to pass quickly.
I’ll be looking for a new yoga studio to join in VA once I get there. However, I’m going to enjoy my final class tomorrow. The class tomorrow will be with Liz, who I am so glad to have met. I took my first class wit her, and was introduced to the world of yoga. I’m really glad that I took the class I did with her because I’ve found a new love for something that I thought I would hate, and also with each class I learn a little more about myself.
In appreciation for all she’s done for me I got her a little gift as a thank you for introducing me to the world of yoga.
I’m going to miss her and her class, but I will take with me a great appreciation for all she’s taught me and the love I’ve developed for yoga.


A little copper, silver, and turquoise bracelet for a great instructor.

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