Starting To Get Back On Track

After all that’s been going on in my life I’ve gotten way off track with the healthy lifestyle.
Well, I’ve decided it’s time to get back on the track. Last week I started on the track by attending several fitness classes. And, this week that trend is continuing. I’ll be going to classes 6 days this week, but actually taking 8 classes. I’ve been enjoying yoga and Zumba the last week and a half.
This week I also started tracking all that I’m eating. I know that I make better food choices and stay within calorie and dietary guidelines a lot better when I keep track of it.
So, this girl is getting back on track and sticking to the healthy life.

My First Zumba Class

So, I’ve been doing Zumba by using YouTube videos for awhile, and have found some that I really enjoy. Well, here in VA I have access to the gyms on base and all of the classes they offer. Today, I ventured off to try out Zumba. I had a great time. It was fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. The hour flew by and it was nonstop for 60 minutes.
It was a lot of fun doing Zumba with other people in the room. I laughed a lot and of course made a fool of myself at times but hey I got a good workout in and will definitely be heading back for another class.
After Zumba I did a yoga class. It was a good day.

Relaxing Day

Today, I did a lot of vegging out. I caught up on some TiVoed shows and read a bit of my book.
However, tomorrow it’s time to return to serious work. Starting the day off with a little T25 Alpha Phase.
I’m also planning on hitting up a Zumba class in the afternoon followed by a yoga class. Then it’ll be home for a shower some dinner and then bed. I’m sure I’ll be exhausted.

Tai Chi & Yoga

Today, was yet another day I traveled to a different gym to try out another yoga class and different instructor.
This class was a 90 minute class with the first 30 minutes being Tai Chi followed by 60 minutes of yoga.
The tai chi class was great and I really enjoyed it. A million times more than I did with the tai chi I was taking elsewhere.
The yoga class was great. It was yet another completely different style than what I’ve experienced before. This one was all about working out. We did a ton of abdominal work, and yeah my abs sure can feel all the work they did earlier today. We also did a lot of flowing poses in Warrior and Triangle. Well you can say that my flutes, quads, and hamstrings are feeling the work as well.
The instructor was a lot of fun as well. She was completely different from other instructors in that she was cracking jokes and talking to us about every day stuff. Which was a complete change from what I’m used to.
I will definitely head back to take the class again.
Monday, I’m checking out a Zumba class and than seeing how I’m feeling I will hit up the yoga class after.

Another Round Of Yoga

Today, I tried another yoga class with a new instructor. This class was a lot of fun, and quite a bit difficult. We did a Yin practice.
We were learning the Dragon Flow, which is something I had never seen before. We actually didn’t complete the whole flow, because it had to be broken down a lot. Also, she did a lot of other work with opening the hips, back, chest, and the shoulders.
The class was challenging and the flow is absolutely amazing and I’m hoping to be able to find it online so that I can continue to work on it.
Tomorrow I’m off to another Yoga/Tai Chi class. I’m loving that I can attend a class 6 days a week here. And, the classes are all a bit different and I’m getting a different perspective and idea of the many different ways of yoga practice. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s class.

Round 2 Of Yoga

I headed on over to the gym again today for another Yoga class.  Again, this class was a bit more advanced then I am used to.  However, it was a continuation of the stuff that we had worked on, on Tuesday.  A lot of work was done towards progressing to a handstand.  I know that I am nowhere, near ready for that, so I did the poses but didn’t add in the hops.  We also did a lot of work in Crow, which again I am not quite up to yet.  However, I did do some modifications with that pose and was able to hold it.

I enjoyed the class a lot more today than I had on Tuesday, I think it was partly because I knew a bit more of what to expect with this instructor, and also because I had an idea of what she was going to ask us to do.

After, class the instructor actually pulled me aside and asked my name, and told me that at one point she was not sure she was getting her instruction across, but she looked out at the class, and I gave her a big smile.  I am not sure when that was during the class, but I’m glad I was able to make her feel good.  I know that I smile a lot during yoga classes because I really do enjoy them, but I also know that during the class I am also cringing, because a lot of the time I’m thinking I may die.  Holding poses can become very tiring and wearing on the muscles.  I on occasion have to come out of poses because my muscles are screaming at me, and I have found that I will occasionally get a cramp in the arch of my foot, and when that happens I have to come out of the pose or I will be falling to the ground.

I’ll be attending more of her classes.  It definitely was a better experience today, and I am extremely happy that I gave it another shot.  Tomorrow I will be heading over to a different gym for a Vinyasa class.  This will be with a different instructor, so I am both excited and anxious to see how this class goes.  And, on Saturday I will be heading to another gym for a 90 minute TaiChi/Yoga class.  I’m pretty excited for all of these.  One thing nice about being in a big military area, lots of gyms to workout and choose from, and nearly every day I can find a class to take.  Ahhhh the joys of living in civilization again.

Return To Yoga

I went to my first yoga class here in Virginia. And, well it’s a big change from the class I attended in Wyoming.
The instructor of the class was a bit intense. She also was at one point yelling at us. I was a little shocked with that. It wasn’t really yelling, but she was louder than need be in yoga and telling us all to stop what we are doing and do it like this. She was doing a ton of handstand type prep, which was a bit odd since I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single person in the room ready for handstand poses. Also the class is advertised as a class for all levels. She wasn’t really giving any modifications. Luckily I know modifications, but I there was a beginner they would be completely overwhelmed.
The class is offered 4 times a week, so I’m going to keep going and give it a try again. I can’t go tomorrow because I have plans, which are pretty fun and I’ll fill you in tomorrow on that, but I’ll head on over on Thursday for a second round of it.
On Saturday I will be heading to another gym for a Tai Chi and Yoga class. I’m excited to see how that goes. Unfortunately it’s at 8 am which is a bit early on a Saturday, but I’m going to try it out this week. If I like it I’ll go again, if not no big deal.
It’s going to take some time to get used to new instructors and their styles of teaching, but I enjoy yoga so I’m going to try out these different classes and hopefully find an instructor I like as much as I loved Liz and Healthy Life Studio.

Commissary Shopping

One I the things we missed while living in Wyoming was the commissary. Today we went and did some grocery shopping. We thought that we were going to be spending a lot more than we did. We got some steaks for the husband, chicken, sausage, chicken sausage, and grilled fish. Along with that we got some cold cuts, and lots of produce. We made it out for half of what we thought we were going to end up paying.
We would of gotten more food, however the fridge in our house we are renting is missing the shelves. So, yeah makes it very difficult to store things in the fridge. I’m hoping they take care of this fridge issue this week since it’s been 3 weeks now.