Will It Ever End

I’m happy to report that I unpacked the last box today. Well the last box that was in the house. There are still tons of boxes in the garage left to put away and find homes for.
Of course I say the last box has been unpacked, but that doesn’t account for all of the stuff that is placed on every surface in the house that has yet to find a home. I’m hoping to put a major dent in those piles after dinner tonight.
I will say we’ve been here 8 days and we are moving right along with the unpacking and getting settled in here. I’ve been cracking the whip so to speak with my husband keeping him on task so that we can get this done. Because, he fails to remember that yes, he’s off for the next 6 weeks but he will not be home for 4 of those weeks due to a class and family obligations. So yes dear time is a ticking and I’m not living in chaos and clutter while you’re gone. So put it away or it’ll be gone when you get back. Ahhhh the joys of moving.


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