Ugh Treadmill

So, about 11 months ago my husband bought me a treadmill that I asked for. It has been great. It was set up in our bedroom, I’d get my run in while watching some of my TiVoed shows. So, hey killing 2 birds with 1 stone. It has been used quite a bit. I’ve even watched entire movies while hitting the treadmill.
So, I love the thing. Until it was time to move it 2 weeks ago. Yeah, it wouldn’t fit through the door. I thought I was going to have 3 angry guys ready to kill me. Either that or the house was coming with a very expensive treadmill. End result was we had to take the thin apart. However, it wasn’t just undo a couple of bolts and voila ready to go. Yeah, that’d be too easy. Where the wires connect are up top instead of down by the track so not only did the bolts for the track have to be removed but also have the display screws had to be undone so that we could get to the wire connection.
Well, the husband has been working hard on getting the garage/workshop cleaned up and set up, being that tomorrow he’s working on a friend’s car it needs to be usable. Well after the fun of disassembling the treadmill to get it out of the house in Wyoming I was told my treadmill will not be coming into the house EVER again. So, tonight we reassembled the thing. What a pain in the ass that was. Just trying to get the wire up the leg support was an exercise in patience and puzzle solving. Then maneuvering everything back into place. Yeah we got a workout in just putting the thing together never mind needing to use it. So, yeah I’ll be using the treadmill in the garage, which means no TiVo. Oh but wait, it just means my husband needs to let me get TiVo stream.
Back to working out will be full steam ahead since my treadmill is back in working order and the house is finally set up.
Note to all those out there moving a treadmill is not fun.

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