Round 2 Of Yoga

I headed on over to the gym again today for another Yoga class.  Again, this class was a bit more advanced then I am used to.  However, it was a continuation of the stuff that we had worked on, on Tuesday.  A lot of work was done towards progressing to a handstand.  I know that I am nowhere, near ready for that, so I did the poses but didn’t add in the hops.  We also did a lot of work in Crow, which again I am not quite up to yet.  However, I did do some modifications with that pose and was able to hold it.

I enjoyed the class a lot more today than I had on Tuesday, I think it was partly because I knew a bit more of what to expect with this instructor, and also because I had an idea of what she was going to ask us to do.

After, class the instructor actually pulled me aside and asked my name, and told me that at one point she was not sure she was getting her instruction across, but she looked out at the class, and I gave her a big smile.  I am not sure when that was during the class, but I’m glad I was able to make her feel good.  I know that I smile a lot during yoga classes because I really do enjoy them, but I also know that during the class I am also cringing, because a lot of the time I’m thinking I may die.  Holding poses can become very tiring and wearing on the muscles.  I on occasion have to come out of poses because my muscles are screaming at me, and I have found that I will occasionally get a cramp in the arch of my foot, and when that happens I have to come out of the pose or I will be falling to the ground.

I’ll be attending more of her classes.  It definitely was a better experience today, and I am extremely happy that I gave it another shot.  Tomorrow I will be heading over to a different gym for a Vinyasa class.  This will be with a different instructor, so I am both excited and anxious to see how this class goes.  And, on Saturday I will be heading to another gym for a 90 minute TaiChi/Yoga class.  I’m pretty excited for all of these.  One thing nice about being in a big military area, lots of gyms to workout and choose from, and nearly every day I can find a class to take.  Ahhhh the joys of living in civilization again.

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