I took in my Zumba class this morning and after headed over to the MAC store.
I love going to MAC because well they will teach you how to do your make-up. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my make-up and when I do it am looking for a pretty natural look. Every once in a while I’ll glam it up for an event. But, most days it’s the natural look for this girl.
I used to not be a foundation girl, but alas I’ve gotten older and now need it. My skin needs to be evened out. Of course once you put foundation on you’ve created an even skin tone, so even that you don’t even look natural anymore.
So, now I need to do some highlighting, contouring, and blush. All things that I have no clue really how to do, or what colors to use on my face. And, well this is when the magic of the MAC store comes in. They will find the right colors for you, and not only that but teach you how to do it.
I loved the look that the make-up artist created for me today. It was super easy to do, and looked completely natural. 2 requirements for me. So it was a win-win. I now know what and where to highlight and what I need to do for contouring. Also I learned how to apply blush. I’ve been a bit skeptical of blush, because let’s face it you can look like a clown real easy with the wrong application of blush. I’m excited to try all that I learned out.
I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading back to learn the art of the smokey eye. I love the look but I’m not very good at doing it, so I’ll need a lesson soon.
So yeah this blog is a little off my normal topics, but hey when I look good I feel good so this is all part of it.

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