Air Frying

I love French fries, who doesn’t? Of course they aren’t the best option to eat. They are fried and covered in oil and grease which isn’t something that we should be consuming.
You of course can bake fries but you have to turn them while cooking and they never turn out as delicious as those fries that are fried.
However, today my fries came out amazing. How you ask? With an air fryer. I got my air fryer on Monday and tonight I used it for the first time. And, the French fries and chicken nuggets I had for dinner were delicious. Golden brown and crispy on the outside. Can’t ask for more than that. Oh wait there was no extra fat from oil, because no oil was used at all when cooking. What!!!! It’s true folks.
Here’s what the air fryer looks like

And, here’s what my dinner came out looking like:

Oh, and on top of no added fat form oil, it also cooks in half the time as using the oven. And, no need to wait for the oven to preheat. 12 minutes my dinner was ready to eat and well when you don’t get home until 7:45 a dinner done in 12 minutes is a definite plus.
I’m loving this thing and I can’t wait to try cooking other things in it. Check out the air fryer if you’re looking for a way to fry food but not have the fat.


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