Sweaty & Smelly

On Monday and Wednesday I do an hour long Zumba class and then 45 minutes later I follow that up with a yoga class. It’s great I get some serious calorie burning done and have a lot of fun.
The downside is this I sweat like a pig during Zumba class, like sweat pouring off of me by the end, I’ll spare you anymore details than that. After the class I head over to the other gym for the yoga class.
I start to cool down a little before the yoga class starts so I’m sweaty and then of course cold. I always have a shirt with me for yoga anyway because after the class and during Shavasna I get a bit chilled. But, on Mondays and Wednesdays it’s worse because I’m cooling down from my previous workout.
I always feel so gross during these classes because I am sweaty before class even starts and I’m smelly. I always wipe myself down with some baby wipes and add an extra layer of deodorant after the Zumba class, but it’s not the same as a shower. Of course by the time I get home at 8 on these nights I’m starving, exhausted, and in major need of a shower. Of course I’m never sure what I want to do first. Tonight dinner won out followed quickly by a nice shower.
Ah the downside of being a gym rat being sweaty and smelly.

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