I attended Zumba class this morning and had another great workout.
Today there were a lot of new people attending the class, so I helped them out in learning some of the line dances we do.
They were definitely intimidated by them, and I remember my first day of class and everyone knowing them and having no clue what was going on. I helped them out and talked them through it. I hope they come back and try it again. The only reason why I learned them was because I kept going back. The more you do it the faster you’ll learn it. As they say practice makes perfect.
Of course the only thing that sucks about having so many new people in class it makes things go slower when she has to teach how to Cha Cha and all of the steps of the dance.
I still was able to work up quite the sweat and burn off some calories so it still works.
I have to call in the morning to see if they are having class tomorrow. There was some confusion about it.
Happy weekend all.


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