The Polar Vortex has unfortunately reached us here in Virginia. This morning I headed to the gym for my zumba class, and well let’s just say I was wearing some layers.
Of course once I entered the gym I decided I wouldn’t be removing my warm layers right away. We actually have class in the gym and it was freezing in there this morning. I think it may have been colder in the gym than the actual temperature outside. The one nice thing about working out though is once you start moving you warm up quickly. After about 5 minutes I was a lot warmer and was able to lose the sweatshirt. Of course as soon as we were done with the workout and I was sweating and starting to cool down I was freezing.
A nice warm shower some warm comfy clothes and all was right with my world again. Tomorrow morning is going to be even chillier, but I’m excited to get my sweat on. I really do love working out now if I could just get the healthier eating thing to stick is be golden. One step at a time, I will get there.


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