I take zumba 3 times a week with the same instructor and then on Saturdays I take class with a group of instructors. There is one instructor who does most of the class but other instructors will do a couple of songs throughout the hour.
The usual instructor had surgery so the other instructors have been filling in for her. Well today, the instructor that filled in was awesome. She had been at the class a few weeks ago so I had previously gotten to experience her style.
Well today a full hour with her was insane. The sweat was pouring off of me I was exhausted by the end and knew I had an amazing workout. I liked that her routines were fast paced and she did some calisthenic like moves. We were doing squats and lunges and dancing around having fun.
It’s always fun to experience the styles of different people. Next class which is in 2 weeks since there will be no classes next week due to Thanksgiving I’ll be getting a spot in the front so that I can see her better. It was hard to follow her when I couldn’t see her clearly. I’m excited for another round with her.
I love a good workout.

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