It Starts Now

Today, is the first day of my Whole 30 journey. It wasn’t too difficult today, of course it’s only day 1, I may be crying by day 3.
Some of the challenges, if you want to call them that, I faced today started with breakfast.
According to the plan I am supposed to eat within 30 minutes of getting up. I’ve never been one to get up and eat, I usually eat several hours later. I sucked it up and ate 30 minutes after I got up. I made an omelette of sorts. Since I’m not allowed to have dairy that meant no cheese, and well I’m an omelette lover with cheese lots of cheese. Hmmmm, probably part of the reason why I weigh what I do, but moving on. I used 2 eggs added some spices and fresh spinach. It was pretty good, but again I’d love it even more with cheese.
So really nothing to awful to deal with just something a bit different. I’m thinking that next time I eat that I’ll add some tomato to it.
A big challenge for me today was drinking stuff with no added sweeteners. Yikes I like water but I can only drink so much of it before I want something with a bit more flavor. And, yes I’ve added fruit to it but sometimes it’s just not enough. I brewed green tea last night and let it cool. This morning I took fresh raspberries and mottled them and added it to the pitcher. It’s been pretty good, but of course I’m wishing it was a bit sweeter. I’ll get used to it in time.
Lunch was amazing. I had to change up my dressing choice as I didn’t have all of the ingredients to make the dressing I had planned on eating. Which worked out just fine because I added raspberries to my salad and the new dressing worked out perfectly. I’ve since bought the items needed to make the original dressing.
I attended my Zumba class today, and followed that up with my yoga class. In between the 2 classes I ate a pouch of mixed nuts. Usually I eat a protein bar or have a protein shake after my zumba class, but neither of those things are part of the Whole 30. The mixed nuts were tasty and helped keep the hunger at bay. I would have been eating my arm off by the time my dinner was done without the little snack.
Dinner was also delicious. Although, I’m going to have to make sure that Mondays and Wednesdays I have either leftovers for dinner or something that is super fast to make. Tonight’s took about 25 minutes and when I get home at nearly 8pm that’s just to long to wait. Let’s just say I was starving by the time dinner was ready.
So I’ve decided that along with completely documenting my journey this month I’m taking photos of my food so that you can see what I’m eating.

I don’t have a picture of the mixed nuts I consumed but it was your typical mixed nuts.
As well as keeping track of things here I’ve created a journal. I went to Office Max and bought a small 3 ring binder, some dividers, and pages to fill it.
In this journal I have a monthly workout calendar, weekly meal plan, shopping lists, and an actual journal where I’ve written down my thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Basically checking in with myself to see where my head is at. I also bought a little journal to travel with me since this binder is a bit big. I take the small journal with me on the go and keep tabs on my feelings and what I’m doing.

There is my binder so if you want to create something like it you’ve got an idea of what I’m using.
So day 1 is now pretty much behind me and I have to say I survived without too much difficulty. I’m looking forward to day 2.


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