Today is Day 3 and I’m happy to say that it went well. I was a little nervous about it since I had an early morning appointment which meant a much earlier than normal breakfast. However, I did alright for 2 reasons. One my meal seemed to do the trick of filling me up and two is that yesterday’s power yoga class and the Krav Maga class from hell kicked my butt, add to the fact that I didn’t get home until well after 11, and by the time I showered and did all of the things I needed to do it was a bit after midnight by the time I got to bed. Add in waking up early and well it made for a very tired person. So what does all of this mean? A wonderful 90 minute nap early this afternoon. So with these 2 factors it was no issue making it to my normal lunch time.
For lunch I was able to make the creamy avocado dressing I was supposed to have on Monday. And, it’s pretty good may take a little while for me to get used to but it’s not something I wouldn’t ever eat again. Actually I had it tonight on my turkey burger.
Wednesdays I attend Zumba class and well that kind of turned into a racket for a bit. The gym that the class is held in is having work done on one of the gymnasium floors, so to keep people off of it they have part of the building locked up, which of course is where our class is held. So, they decided to move us out to the racket ball courts which are in a whole different building and quite awful. They are definitely old and in need of some TLC. Once they got us the space we had major issues with sound system. But eventually that worked out. So, we missed a few minutes of class but there was lots of extra trekking around to finally get to a space where we could have class so it all evened out.
I followed this up with yoga, which tonight’s class was a slow flow class which was really nice and we did a lot of shoulder work. Which was something I needed. We did a lot of postures to open up our shoulders, and well right now I’m feeling a bit sore I know that I’ll be feeling pretty awesome later on.
And, here’s the picture of what I ate today minus the bag of mixed nuts I had between zumba and yoga.



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