Through The Door With Day 4

Be prepared folks for some ridiculous blog post names. I mean I can’t just do Day 1, and so on that would be so boring and unoriginal. So, we’ve got some rhyming going on today for the title.
I started today off with leftover frittata and it was just as yummy as I remembered. I’m not even missing the cheese today. I definitely will be using this recipe again changing up the veggies and protein options. The recipe I used is found in the Whole 30 book It Starts With Food.
For lunch I had to make a substitution I was going to have grilled fish, but I didn’t have time to run to the store to pick some up so I went with a turkey burger instead. And, I have one more day this week when I’m supposed to have grilled fish and I’ll substitute the last of the leftover citrus chicken in a salad. But, getting back to lunch I had the turkey burger on a bed of lettuce with the creamy avocado dressing, again got the recipe from the Whole 30 book, with a side of fresh spinach with balsamic and raspberries. It was delicious. The raspberries were a bit tart but I didn’t add any sweetener to it. Although, that would be my normal action.
Dinner consisted of leftover citrus chicken asparagus and an apple. I really like this chicken and it’s super easy to make, which are 2 pluses in my book. Again this recipe was taken from the Whole 30 book.
I spent last night cruising around Pinterest looking for new recipes for next week’s meals. I am actually pretty excited about the meals I have planned for next week and am excited to grocery shopping tomorrow to get all of the items I need. I’ve found a great website with recipes and encouragement. You can check out Nom Nom Paleo right here. This website has given me lots of ideas and I’ve tried her ghee recipe and found it easy to make just time consuming. I have several of her recipes saved and ready to try.
And, here’s a picture of my meals:

It was a pretty tasty filled day.
My exercise schedule took a hit though. I went to my power yoga class which was exhausting as usual. However, on my way home from class my friend that I attend Krav with called to say she wouldn’t be able to make it due to her prior obligation taking longer than originally planned. I could go by myself, but we bought a group of classes together so if I go we will be at different number of classes we can attend. I think I’ll do a workout here at home. Well I’m debating it. I also feel I could curl up and be done with the day. However, I think that I will just do it. I know if I don’t I’ll feel guilty about not doing it. It won’t take that long and once I start it won’t be a problem.
Day 4 is complete and looking forward to Day 5.

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