Fifth Of The Way Through & It’s Day 6

I started this morning off with an earlier than normal breakfast. Although, this week early breakfast as been the trend.
I headed off to Zumba class which was intense. The regular instructor had surgery so she’s been out and other instructors have been filling in for her. The girl today made us work! Holy Moly. There was the usual dancing that everyone has come to love but she put a lot of calisthenics in her routines as well. Lunges, squats, standing crunches, and all sorts of arm work. When I say I was sweating I mean it was grossly dripping off of me. I was disgusting and smelling quite nasty afterwards. I had all intentions of running to the exchange after class to pick up dog food, but that was quickly nixed. I just wanted to get home and shower.
And, well that’s what I did. I made myself some lunch. A salad with grilled chicken with creamy avocado dressing, which by the way I’m quickly becoming fond of. I guess it’s true you have to try something a few times before making a decision as to if you like them or not. I also had blueberries with my lunch.
I told you yesterday that there was a new meal to be had today, but life changes and things come up. And, well an opportunity to go out with friends for dinner came up so I took it. We met up at the Texas de Brazil for dinner and to hang out. But, as soon as I got the invite I started making plans as to how I’d handle dinner here. Lots of vegetables from the vegetable bar to start that’s for sure.
I stuck to salad bar only. I loaded my plate with lettuce, asparagus, peppers, and some balsamic vinegar with a little olive oil. And, well it was good and filling definitely missed my protein, but I was still full after eating my huge salad. I did eat an apple when I got home.
I’m glad I chose to go out and that I was able to start thinking ahead about what I would or wouldn’t eat at the restaurant. It wasn’t difficult or hard. Yes there were definitely things that I wanted to eat like the fresh mozzarella and the grilled Parmesan. But, I told myself this is day 6 you’re a fifth of the way done. And, to eat that stuff today would mean starting over. So 24 days from now I can try that cheese if I’m wanting it that bad. I can do anything for a month.
Although, when the dessert tray came out I was maybe drooling a little. But, there was no real reason too since everything on the tray contained gluten so it wasn’t like I was going to be able to eat it anyway. Sometimes it’s nice not being able to have gluten, as it lessens the temptation to stray away from the plan.
Here’s a photo of my breakfast and lunch since dinner was eaten out at a restaurant no pictures were taken.

Happy Saturday!

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