A Week Of Whole 30 & A Zumbathon

Today marks the end of the first week with the Whole 30, and I’m doing okay. I haven’t slipped up or cheated, I even managed to navigate an unplanned meal out at a restaurant. So I’m going to say this first week has been a success. 23 more days to go and I’ve so got this.
Breakfast was the last of the frittata that I had made this week. And, well I can’t say enough that I love it. I will be making that again. Especially since it can be breakfast for a couple of days during the week. It makes for something quick to grab and eat on days when I’m in a rush.
Lunch was a salad with grilled chicken and avocado dressing. I made a smaller salad today as I was heading to a 2.5 hour Zumbathon and I didn’t want to have too much food sitting in my belly. I pared my salad with blackberries, which I packed for the Zumbathon as I knew I’d need a little pick me up at some point.
Tonight for dinner I made the Mexican chicken which I had planned on making last night but went out to eat instead. It’s delicious. I’ll be using the leftovers over lettuce this week for my salads instead of the grilled chicken I normally do. It’s got like and cilantro along with chili powder and cumin so it’s got a hint of citrus and a bit of heat. It’s delicious. This recipe is also in the Whole 30 book, It Starts With Food. I used ground chicken but it would be just as amazing with chicken breasts or tenderloins.
I’m really excited that every meal I’ve tried this week has been awesome tasting. Yes the dressing I made took some getting used too, but now I love it.
And, here’s a picture of my meals. Dinner doesn’t look that great with the ground chicken, but trust me it was amazing!!!!

So, now let’s talk Zumbathon. Apparently, this event is held every year and it’s a Toys For Tots drive. If you bring a toy donation you get in for free or you can pay $10 to get into the event. I brought a toy donation, I actually had brought 2, which actually won me a prize. More about that in a minute.
The way the event worked was that there were several of the instructors from around the area at the event who took turns leading us in routines. They were in groups of 4-6 instructors up on stage at a time in which they would lead us through 4-5 routines and then they would change instructors. It was a lot of fun. I laughed a lot and had a lot of moments where I had no idea what we were supposed to be doing. Of course I wasn’t the only one in that boat, as pretty much everyone in the room was feeling the same thing. The instructors were really good about trying to let us know what was coming up but at times it was hard to see them. But, we were all having fun, getting a good workout in, and helping out a good cause. As for the workout I was pouring sweat and exhausted afterwards. According to my tracker I did nearly 13,000 steps, over 5 miles, and burned over 1000 calories. So, uhmmmm yeah I rule that an awesome workout, and it was all in 2 hours. So, 2 hours well spent.
Along with the Zumbaing, there were raffle prizes throughout. And, that’s how my second gift I brought won me a prize. For every gift you brought to donate you received a raffle ticket and well that second gift was the number that was pulled. I’m now the proud owner of:

That’s right I have my very own Zumba shirt now!!!!
It was a great event and I can’t wait to do another event like this. It was so much fun and I definitely feel like I got an amazing workout. Here’s a photo of the participants, ok they were starting to disperse when I decided to take the picture, but you get the idea.

This has been a great week and this was an awesome way to end the week.
I’m currently making a soup for next week, which will be dinner tomorrow night. And, I’m going to start prepping stuff for tomorrow’s breakfast. Can you tell I’m a little excited for next week’s meals.
Hope you had a great weekend. Stay tuned for more adventures on the Whole 30.

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