Walking The Line Through Day 9

It’s cold, damp, and dreary here in Virginia. Which, makes the meals I made today even better. They are nice warm and your typical comfort foods.
Breakfast was a breakfast casserole. Sweet potato hash browns with egg some coconut milk and chicken apple sausage. It was really good. Lots of protein and some carbs to fill me up. I wasn’t even hungry when it came time for lunch but I knew I needed to eat lunch otherwise I’d never make it through my workouts.
Lunch consisted of a taco salad of sorts. I added leftover Mexican chicken from the other night. It was really good, but I’m thinking I’ll add some avocado dressing to it next time to add some more flavor, not that the chicken doesn’t have a ton of flavor. I also had some raspberries with lunch.
Dinner was a big bowl of Whole 30 compliant chili. Which means no beans, which I did miss a bit, but there were big chunks of veggies to take the place of the beans. It was really good bi paired this with some melon.
Here’s today’s meals:

Yoga class was a good one today. I broke out in a sweat and really did a lot of leg work today. Although, my shoulders are bothering me can’t wait to get adjusted at the chiropractor on Friday. It needs to happen like now.
Off to get my ass kicked in Krav Maga.
Happy Tuesday everyone.

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