A Baker’s Dozen & A Whole Lot Of Adjustments To The Plan

Day 13 and I’m spending the day at Busch Gardens Christmas Town!
My meals are a little crazy today since I’m at a theme park, but I’ve kept it Whole 30. Which, score for me. Because, I really want a cup of hot cocoa. It smells wonderful, but not enough to make me lose the progress I’ve made.
Breakfast was breakfast casserole with some extra sausage since I knew I’d be hurting for protein later on in the day.

For lunch since we were on the road I had grilled chicken. I also packed an orange to accompany lunch. Along with this I packed Monkey Salad. Cashews, coconut, and almonds, since a cut up banana isn’t easy to eat on the move.
For dinner I had a nice big salad of mixed greens. I also had some steamed veggies.
So my meals are a bit different, but they worked and I planned ahead and came up with a plan and have stuck to it.
We are walking around the theme park burning some calories and enjoying the lights.
Happy Saturday.


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