Day 14 Means 2 Weeks Solid

Today, is the 14th day of doing Whole 30, which means I’ve made it 2 whole weeks eating nothing but clean whole foods. Yay me!!! I’m pretty excited about this actually, but we’ll get into that more tomorrow.
I was able to navigate being at a theme park for a day and still stay true to the Whole 30, I was able to resist temptation, and well there was a lot of it, and I was able to adjust my plan to accommodate changes in my daily schedule.
This week has been another success for me. I tried new recipes that I loved, was able to curb the sweet/dessert craving that I had suffered one day, and even went out to eat again without having to go off the Whole 30. See success!
Breakfast, was the last of the breakfast casserole. Lunch was turkey roll ups with lettuce and avocado with melon. Dinner is a turkey burger with lettuce, a side of broccoli and an apple.
Now, for the apple I decided to make it a little more dessert like. I found this recipe on Pinterest, and guess what it’s simple easy and quick and best part DELICIOUS! You can check out the recipe here. Do it you know you want to. It definitely made it feel like I was eating a dessert. It was nice hot and gooey and perfect to end my meal on this chilly night.
Next weeks meals are looking pretty good. I just made tomorrow nights meal it just went in the crock pot. Along with making tomorrow night’s dinner I made a loaf of banana bread and delivered it to my friend. I also made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies which will be mailed out tomorrow. It is a little difficult to have them in the house but they are filled with gluten so I can’t eat them anyway regardless of Whole 30 or not.
I’m looking forward to Day 15.
And, here’s a look at the food for the day.


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