Day 17 With Lucky 13 Left

It’s the 17th day and I’m feeling really good.
I went to a new Zumba class today. As my regular Zumba class is cancelled today, I attended a different class with a different instructor. This is instructor was good with lots of crowd participation. However, holy cow does she have fast footwork. I found it very difficult to keep up with her at times. Of course it was the first time I was seeing the choreography. I think that if I attend her class a few more times I would pick it up. Pretty much is what happened with Priscilla. Practice and repetition makes perfect.
This instructor also teaches a piloxing class on Friday mornings before my Zumba class which I am seriously considering trying out this week. I think it’ll be quite the workout and a lot of fun too.
Breakfast was the muffin, which I’m getting a bit tired of but that’s okay. I am already thinking about what items I can put in them next time since I’m not a huge fan of the lake or breakfast sausage.
Lunch was a big salad of mixed greens with grilled chicken and mixed berries. I really like this combination for a salad. It’s super tasty. A bit sweet a bit tart and a whole lot of yumminess.
I’ll be off to yoga for some restorative flow which is definitely needed after yesterday’s power yoga class, my hour long Krav class and today’s zumba class. Some nice gentle relaxing stretching and reflection is just what the doctor ordered.
Dinner is meatballs with my new favorite zucchini noodles. I’m making baked pears tonight as well. I’m using the same recipe as I use for the apples but trying it with a pear to see how it comes out.
Using the pear was awesome and I can’t wait to try some other fruits. I will be using this recipe even after the Whole 30 is complete.

Happy Wednesday!

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