Down To A Dozen Or Day 18

Today marks only 12 days left of the Whole 30. What! Time is just flying and I’m making my way through this 30 days like its my job. I also realized that it’s a week till Christmas. Seriously where is the time going?
I’m moving right along with this Whole 30 thing and definitely am realizing that the crap I was eating is not good for me. I feel a million times better after 2.5 weeks of clean eating. I can’t imagine what a lifetime of clean eating will feel like.
I’m loving the way I feel so much that I’m constantly looking for recipes and cookbooks to further this journey. I’ve already purchased 3 cookbooks and have found a couple more that I’ll be checking out tomorrow at the book store. And, I can’t say enough about Pinterest I’ve found some amazing things there. I can’t wait till the 30 days is up and I can incorporate sugar in my diet in the form of honey, maple syrup, and/or coconut sugar. I’m finding all sorts of great recipes for treats. Not that I’ll be eating a lot of them but every once in a while it’s nice to have something decadent. Plus I’ve found all sorts of clean eating/Paleo recipes that crest bread, muffins, and the like which I’m interested to try.
I’m happy to report that today I actually didn’t mind the taste of the breakfast sausage, still not my favorite but not completely opposed to it. I just needed to give it some time. I think next time I’ll try a different brand and see if I like that any better.
Lunch was my favorite mixed berry and grilled chicken salad. Which of course was scrumptious and filling.
Dinner was leftover chicken, squash, pears, and cranberries. It’s good but I’m not so sure it’s something I’ll be making to often. Well maybe I just feel the chicken doesn’t have much flavor. I think next time I might run the chicken with the spices. Maybe that would give it a bit more flavor. I don’t know, and it’s not like I have to make it again since I am finding a ton of recipes to try, and anyone of them could be a million times better.
I’ve got a bit of run today. As I have yoga and then 15 minutes after that is zumba. Unfortunately, zumba is a 15 minute drive in good traffic, not during rush hour so I’ll be a few minutes late, but I’ll make it. Zumba is with another new instructor. Which I’m excited to try her class since everyone raves about it her. Everyone says its like being out dancing in the club. So, I’m looking forward to it. It should be a lot of fun.



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