Day 19

Today marks the 19th day of Whole 30. And, well it’s been a jammed packed day already.
I got up early since I was going to try out a new fitness class and needed to eat beforehand.
I got up ate my “muffins” and got myself packed to go to class. Along with packing for class I packed a snack since I was taking 2 fitness classes and also my lunch since I would be running errands after class.
The new class I attended was Piloxing, and holy crow what a workout. It was awesome! It was a workout and than some. I was sweating and pushing hard through the whole workout. I definitely feel my abs already after all of the work we did and I had a serious cardio burn going. I loved it and can’t wait to do it again after the holidays when classes resume.
After the class I had 45 minutes for cooling off, having a snack, and rehydrating before I started my Zumba class.
Zumba class was a lot of fun, although I was definitely tired after the Piloxing class. I’ll get used to doing the double workout after a few weeks of doing this. It’ll just take some time to get used too.
After Zumba it was off to do errands and eat lunch on the go. I had turkey roll ups with lettuce since I’m able to eat them easily while driving and running around. I also had mixed berries, which actually didn’t get eaten until I made it home from running my errands.
I went to Barnes and Noble to check out a couple of books that I was interested in purchasing. I looked them over fell in love with them, but only bought one of them since I was able to get them on Amazon for a lot cheaper. I of course ordered the books on Amazon while I was at Barnes and Noble. Yeah sorry but when I can get them for half of what you’re charging I’ll wait the 2 days for delivery. Of course they are all Paleo cookbooks. I’m totally in love with this way of eating and will be continuing it. I won’t be as strict, because well I miss cheese and will be adding little bits of that in from time to time.
Dinner will consist of the last of my meatballs with zucchini noodles and a baked apple.
I did the grocery shopping for next week and got some yummy ingredients to make some wonderful meals. I love grocery shopping right now as I only go around the outside of the store and stay away from the middle aisles where all of the processed food is. I do go down 2 aisles, the canned aisle to get tomatoes, tomato sauce, and paste, and also the baking/spices aisle to pick up different meals/flours and of course all of the new spices I’m experimenting with. So needless to say grocery shopping is pretty quick and easy and also having an organized list broken up into categories also helps.
My husband will be happy that I’ve decided to go Paleo as he tries to be as Paleo as possible. Well when he’s home he won’t have much of a choice as that will be what I’m making.
Paleo living for me. Thank you Whole 30 for making me realize what I was putting in my body, and most of it wasn’t anything good.
Happy Friday!

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