Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve and Day 24 of Whole 30.
I’m spending the evening with friends having a nice dinner.
I made 2 side dishes for the dinner so that I would have food that I knew was whole 30. I made a butternut squash, apple, cranberry bake that smells wonderful. The recipe did call for maple syrup but I just left that out so the recipe would be whole 30. You can check out the recipe here. It’s a super simple and easy recipe to make. Although, can I tell you how much I hate peeling butternut squash. That’s a bit of a chore, but I made quick work of it. But seriously that was the longest part of making this dish, well the part that took the most work from me.
I also made an Italian Sausage and Eggplant Strata. This recipe has lots of steps is a little time consuming but the finished product is well worth it. This recipe was taken from the Well Fed cookbook series. So far this series is 2 for 2 on recipes that I’ve tried and loved. If you’re looking for a good cookbook you might want to check these 2 out.
Breakfast, well more like brunch was my 3 ingredient pancakes. Although, they came out more as a scramble since I’m still getting used to cooking with ghee and didn’t quite use enough to coat the bottom of the pan. But, they were still tasty and satisfying.
I had a snack late this afternoon to tide me over until dinner. My snack consisted of some turkey slices and pineapple.
It’s been a great Christmas Eve so far, and I’m looking forward to watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story.
Hope your enjoying the day with your loved ones.

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