27 Days And Eating Leftovers

Today marks 27 days of being Whole 30, and in less than 24 hours the husband will be home. Yayyyyy!!!!
With the impending arrival of the husband I’m trying to finish up all of the leftovers in my fridge. Since this week’s menu was a bit over-filled. I sort of forgot last week when I made the meal plan for the week that there were several days where I wouldn’t be home to eat as I was partaking in holiday festivities.
Of course with whole, clean eating your food goes bad, it doesn’t have the shelf life of all the prepackaged crap that I’ve eaten in the past. So, I’ve made everything I had planned on making this week but the leftovers are a bit more than I had planned. And, the items I made this week I’m just not sure how well they’d freeze. So, eat them I am.
Breakfast, was sweet potato puffs, since I had half of one still sitting in the fridge that needed to be eaten.
Lunch was the last of the Italian sausage and eggplant strata. I’m glad I only made a half batch of that because wow there would of been way too much if I had made the full recipe. Although, this I think would freeze fine. It is delicious and a way healthier alternative to eggplant parm. And, well I’ve frozen eggplant parm before with no problems, this would actually freeze better since the sauce on it is not thin or very liquid at all. The sauce consisted mostly of chopped tomatoes, spices, and then an egg to help thicken it up. I may have to make it again while the husband is home but with zucchini instead since he is not a fan of eggplant. I also had some more of the pizza veggies I had made last night.
Now, let me tell you about turkey pepperoni. The pizza veggie recipe called for pepperoni, so I opted to try some turkey pepperoni. Holy Crow! I love it! It’s dangerous having that stuff in my house, because I definitely could go sit down and the entire thing in one sitting. I’m not, because well one thing that has definitely happened with this Whole 30 is I realized I really do have willpower over food, and I’m more conscious of what and how much I am eating. I will be adding pepperoni to my salads and maybe even my turkey roll ups to finish off the leftovers. Lunch was finished off with pineapple since I still have a bit of that leftover to finish off as well.
Dinner was the piña colada chicken which I poured over the last of the head of cauliflower I had. I could of riced the cauliflower but well let’s just be honest I was too lazy for that. I added some more pineapple to it.
Only a little bit of leftovers are left which will be tomorrow’s lunch and then it’s onto new meals for the husband and I.
And, here’s the photo of my food. Don’t mind the fact that my lunch is served in a baking dish, it was just that the last of the strata was in it and I figured what’s the point of dirtying up a plate when this is already dirty and needs to be cleaned. Plus it all fit so nicely.


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