Last night the husband and I headed out to dinner with friends. We ended up at the Olive Garden. Not exactly the best place for clean eating, but whatever. Being that I can’t have gluten I didn’t consume any of their wonderfully calorie filled deliciousness of breadsticks, so there was 1 obstacle overcome.
I opted for salad again not getting croutons because well this girl can’t eat them. I had a bowl of salad and had the dressing on the side. Because if you’ve looked up Olive Garden’s dressing nutrition facts you might have a mini heart attack.
The men, or the husbands had appetizers as well, which again were fried items that this girl can’t eat, another obstacle avoided.
For dinner I chose one of their “lighter fare” options. Citrus Chicken Sorrento. Grilled chicken with a citrus sauce and roasted veggies. The plate came in according to their menu and My Fitness Pal around 550 calories. Not to terrible for eating out. It was actually really good and if I find myself back at the ole OG I’d give it another go.

I was really happy with my choices and how I handled eating out. There was no over indulgence last night. And, to top it off we also had gotten lunch while we were out grocery shopping in which I order chicken salad plate. It was chicken salad over lettuce with fresh fruit. Pretty light and simple, but tasty and filling.
2 meals out and made great choices at both places that weren’t filled with fat and heavy on the calories. I’m working on not over indulging when out at restaurants. It’ll be a process and will take time but I will get there. Every day is one step closer to food not having a hold over me.
Anyway, to the title of this blog. On our way to dinner my husband had seen a sign for Farmers International Market. So, after dinner on our way home we decided to pop in and see what it was all about.
Well my friends it’s a rather large Asian market. The produce section is huge. They had tons of options for fruits and veggies. Lots of things I’ve never even heard of and others that I have heard of but had no idea even where to begin to look for them. Well now I know where to find them. I will definitely be going back to get some fun interesting vegetables to experiment with. Pinterest get ready I’ll be using you a lot in the near future I am sure.
We picked up a couple of items that we found interesting or reasonably priced. Coconut milk, yeah I bought a ton of it. Curry paste red and green and some other spices. We even got the dogs some marrow bones.
Now, I will say I was a bit in shock as I’ve never been in a really big Asian market before, and well there was tongue for sale which I’ve seen before but can’t imagine ever eating, they had uncooked pig ears, if they had been cooked I would of gotten them for the dogs but raw I wasn’t going near, rabbit, and hog heads. What the hell, people eat that? It grossed me out a bit. Needless to say I’ll be staying away from the butcher section of the market on my next visit. That’s a bit too much for me. But, to those who eat that stuff more power to you.
I was a vegetarian for 17 years and just started eating some fish and chicken and turkey again recently so, I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the point where I even consider tongue, hog head, ears, or rabbit something I’d eat yet alone touch or cook.
Anyways, it was cool to find this place and I’m definitely going to go back to try out some of the different vegetables and experiment with them. And, load up on coconut milk at an amazing price.
I’m going to have to be on the lookout for other markets to see what they offer. Now, that I’m experimenting even more in the kitchen than before it’s always fun to find new ingredients.
How about you do you have any fun cool stores to shop in to find weird not the run of the mill ingredients?

That Kicked My A$$

Today is out to kick my ass and it’s not even 11am yet. I did workout 12 of the #fitin15 challenge this morning. It was a standing abs, buns, and thighs routine. So yup stuff burning before I even ate breakfast. It was only 17 minutes, but I felt every last second of those 17 minutes.
I made myself and the husband breakfast, packed the gym bag, and off we went. Piloxing class was intense. I don’t think we were even through the warm up and I was already breaking a sweat. Add in the core work and the leg work and oh my god. We did a ton of stuff on one side and then would switch to the other. I thought my standing leg was going to die. I made it through but when I say the sweat was dripping I mean it. It was like doing a T25 workout. But hey I guess it’s working. According to the heart rate monitor 500 calories burned in those 50 minutes so I’ll take it.
I’m now recouping a bit rehydrating and having a snack so I can kick zumba’s a$$ and not the other way around.
I love working out. I never thought I’d be the person to say that but I get agitated when I can’t do my workouts. It actually pisses me off. Who knew that I’d become that person.
After Zumba it’ll be off to do the grocery shopping for the week then home for some lunch and maybe a nap. I might need it today. Plus laundry will have to be done. There has been so much laundry lately it’s driving me crazy. I feel like I do it every day and there are only 2 of us. Yup, definitely will be taking a nap after thinking about the laundry.
Happy Friday.

Epic Bars

I have been using TwoGrand for a little while now and absolutely love it. It’s basically Instagram for your food with a weight loss twist. Check out the app if you haven’t it’s been amazing for me. First, in seeing what others are eating, getting new recipe ideas, staying motivated, and learning about new products.
Epic Bars, is one of those new products I learned about through TwoGrand. I won’t eat them, well maybe one day I’ll try the turkey one, but I thought they’d be perfect for my husband. They are gluten free paleo and grass fed. They come in 4 flavors Bison, Beef, Lamb, and Turkey. I bought the 4-pack sampler off Amazon for the husband to try out. I figured if he liked them they were another alternative to beef jerky and also a good post-workout snack for him if he couldn’t make a protein shake. Since he’s getting ready to head back overseas we are starting to get all of his supplies together again. Anyway, the bars are a bit expensive but of course the more you buy the cheaper they become. But, before I bought a case I wanted to make sure they were something he’d eat. He gave them his seal of approval.
Well, thanks to TwoGrand today and somebody’s post I was able to get them from Amazon for $.24 a piece. Yeah they are usually about $2.50 a piece. I was like what!!!!! The price was only on one flavor of the bars but that’s okay we’ll buy the cases of that flavor for that price. I quickly ordered 6 cases and am now waiting for the delivery of the Epic Bars which will be here sometime next week. They were not Prime eligible but who cares for that price. Now, I’m still questioning if I’m actually getting cases or just an individual bar, but the description clearly states case. We shall see when they arrive. Either way the husband will have a few more Epic Bars.


I Need My Gym Back

On Monday these 2 women showed up to zumba class. Now we’ve had a lot of new people showing up to all of the classes. All those New Year Resolutioners and all. However, most of the people that show up try to follow the instructor and move to the back of the class. Oh not these 2. They went to the front row and then just pretty much did whatever the hell they wanted. I tried to help them get the steps but they don’t listen. Which hey ok zumba is fun, but when you are in a small space and you have a lot of people in said small space you can’t act like an
First, there is somewhat of a protocol for proper behavior in a fitness class especially when you are an adult you really should know how to act. Second, when you are participating in a class with synchronized movement you have to put some effort into trying. No, I’m not expecting perfection because I screw up all of the time but a little effort to at least look like your trying to follow along. Third, when you don’t move with the class you are going to hurt someone. And, lastly when you are like a complete a$$hole you’re distracting to everyone there. I mean even the instructor was having difficulty doing her own routines.
So, I went to class today hoping that they wouldn’t show up again. Unfortunately, they were there again. Shoot me now. Before and after class we have to move all of the spin bikes to make room for the class. So I was the first one there and started moving all of the bikes. I know which ones have to be moved and how we have to put them to maximize space in the room. A couple of people that are fairly new showed up and started helping. I was like great. We pack them all over here. Well, one of these women showed up and started moving bikes, I said no just stop please that’s not where or how they go. Move the bikes over here. And, her answer was well last time there were bikes over here. You’re right there were but they don’t go the way your putting them, a lot of movement has to be done so please move the bikes here. Her response was to scream at me well then you can do it. Yup, I can thank you. My response to her was listen when we have as many people as we have been having we have to get every inch of space out of this room, and when we have people that are new we need even more space. She just gave me a glare. I really wanted to just punch her in the face.
I may have to stop going to class because they are making it a miserable experience for me. And, I am not sure how long I can refrain from actually punching them in the face.
Now it’s yoga time I need some OM in my life.

New Tea

Since doing my Whole 30 back in December I’ve become a tea junkie. I would drink a cup of hot tea in the morning during the winters and add some sort of sweetener to it be it honey or stevia, but on Whole 30 that is a NO NO. Before Whole 30 if drink flavored water again a big NO NO as they all have artificial sweeteners, so I had to come up with fun ways to make drinking water and tea easier for me. Anyway, since the Whole 30 I’ve been drinking tea a lot. And, I don’t even think about adding sweetener to it as I’ve been finding really fun and exciting flavors to try.
My husband looks at me like I have 6 heads when I come home from the store because I usually have at least 1 new box of tea, and well let’s be honest it’s usually more like 2 or 3 new teas. I’m pretty sure the people at the grocery store are starting to wonder what I’m doing with all of this tea.
So, yes I’ve been getting some fun teas and trying them out. Every day it’s a new little surprise. In the last week I’ve bought 2 different coconut flavored ones, sweet coconut Thai and toasted coconut, a chocolate peppermint, salted caramel chai, mint cocoa maki, passion fruit, and then 2 specialty teas, the first is a metabolism boosting tea hot cinnamon ginger it’s awesome and a detoxing tea which I’m not a fan of. I may have to add something to that to make it bearable. I’ll give it another shot tonight and see how it goes, but last night I had to choke it down pretty much. We shall see I may develop a taste for it.
So, yes tea I love all of the crazy flavor combinations you can get and put together. It’s kind of like dessert in a cup, guilt free dessert at that as it has no calories.
I am almost done with my DietBet and was right on track to meet my goal. But, as all females know there is that dreaded time of the month and well thankfully mine came a few days early which means it shouldn’t cause havoc with my official weigh-in I currently have no idea how far from my goal I am since I’ve definitely gained the period weight. And, of course it’s never the same from month to month so I have no idea where I really am and how close I am to reaching goal. I’m hoping by Friday I can be back to normal weight and then work my butt off over the weekend to get to my goal weight. I really want to win this DietBet. Damn being a female sometimes.
Sorry guys for the TMI there but I’m done I promise.
Enjoy your Tuesday.

Yoga & A Brewery

A friend of mine and I decided since we live back in the same town we need to hang out more often. We got together a couple of months ago for a coffee date, and then again around Christmas time we hung out for an hour or so. It was time to get together holidays are over and it’s time to hang out.
Her suggestion was yoga at Smartmouth Brewery on Sunday. I at first took this as code for let’s get drunk. Which, hey I’m okay with, but we are friends no need to talk in code, we can just come out and say this stuff. I went to the Brewery’s website and sure enough once a month on Sundays they offer a free yoga class. What!!!! Awesome!!!
I mean think about it, it’s kind of a genius plan, and a sure fire way to get some more people interested in yoga and your product. Jen’s husband came to the class as well. I’m thinking I may be able to even convince the husband to try yoga, or yogurt as he calls it. I mean do yoga for an hour and then there is beer. You don’t even have to go anywhere to get the beer it’s right in the same room you do yoga in. During the class they talk about beer, they tell you face the bar or taps, probably something you never thought you’d hear in a yoga class. So maybe I can convince the husband to try it out. We will see.

The class was packed. There were a lot of people willing to do some yoga for beer afterwards. As every available space of floor was used. Not only was the class packed but it was a great class. I really enjoyed it. It was amazing! I pushed myself hard and even did all of the downward dogs, was doing well in balancing poses, and felt good in all of my warrior variations. I plan on pushing myself in my regular classes if I could do it today I can do it every day.
After the class one you could get beer if you so choose. None for this girl as their was no gluten-free beer for this girl, but also they were giving a tour of the brewery. It was really informative we even got to meet the head brewmaster. They gave a great tour and gave lots of information and answered all the questions that were thrown at them.


If you can find it they do sell cans of 3 of their beers. Well as long as your in the Hampton Roads area up to Richmond.
I definitely will be going back next month for their class it’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday morning.

And, since these yoga classes are only once a month Jen and I are going to head on over to Lululemon on Sundays as they offer a free class as well. Looks like we will be having Sunday yoga dates. I’ll be looking forward to them.

I Want My Gym Back

This is awful to say, and I know it, and I really should be encouraging people on this, but I’m really not liking all of these people who have made joining the gym their New Year’s Resolution.
I get it new year new me. Hey, I’m making this my year to be the fittest I’ve been, but I also didn’t just start out on this journey I’ve been working at it for a while, and since I’ve moved here at the very beginning of September I’ve been at the gym 6 days a week. I’ve been going I’m a regular the desk people know me when I walk in the door. They know my schedule. But, all of these new people that are coming from everywhere are starting to get on my nerves.
You can tell the people that are “Gyming” it for their resolution because well they aren’t really doing much but taking up equipment and doing stuff wrong. I’m amazed when I walk in and I can’t find any piece of equipment to use because their are people on everything.
Oh and let’s talk classes. The yoga class I go to used to be 2 rows now we are 3+ rows. Belly dancing you can barely move because of all of the people, although this may have a little to do with the fact that the class is new. Zumba has been packed.
The last 3 zumba classes have been so full you can barely move and the room becomes unbearably hot. Today’s class was hell. Literally, it was like being in the fiery pits of hell. There were 40 people in a room for 20 doing Zumba with only 1 working fan. Can we say lots of heat being thrown out. I was pouring sweat in the first 5 minutes. It was gross. They are going to have to start turning people away because it really wasn’t a safe setting with the amount of people in that small room.
Best part Saturday morning 10am and their were no parking spots at the gym. There weren’t even the spots people make into spots when the gym is busy. All I have to say is good thing I have a 4Runner with 4WD. I parked in the mud. Let’s just say my car needed a car wash before this morning but now it really needs one. It’s crazy.
I wish all of those who are really going to make the change all of the success they deserve, but couldn’t you have waited a few more weeks until all of these my resolution is to join the gym people forgot about their resolution.
I can’t wait for those people to fall off the wagon and get my gym back. Awful to say and not supportive at all, but when you are a regular and go all of the time it gets really frustrating when you can’t get your workouts in or they take twice as long because of all the people.
I’ll embrace all of the newbies that stick it out but I’m cursing those that are just making the obligatory resolution. To those people do us all a favor and just give it up now and let us gym regulars have our gym back.

Rx Bars

So, with doing a Whole 30 and trying to eat mostly Paleo with occasional Primal eating days I’ve been finding all sorts of great new foods.
And, one just happens to be the Rx Bar which is Whole 30 approved which is good to know for my next Whole 30 I’m starting in March. For those times when I just need something quick to eat this will definitely fill the bill.
I bought a box of 12 through Amazon and got the Coconut Cocoa flavor. This morning after my first workout I ate one and they are pretty tasty. Definitely not a cardboard taste or anything like that. They are moist and have a bit of sweetness to them but not too sweet. I’m thinking I’m going to have to try the other flavors.
Definitely check them out if your looking for a protein bar with no added sugar and made with whole ingredients. Seriously, this is the ingredient list dates, egg whites, figs, almonds, unsweetened coconut, & 100% cocoa. What no soy no dairy no words I can’t pronounce, it’s awesome. Give them a try you probably won’t be disappointed.

New Stuff Thank You Amazon Prime

Just got my 3 new cookbooks I ordered and they came a day early. Kind of excited about that.
I’ve already quickly looked through them and used my post-it flags on several recipes that looked interesting. Of course I will go through them more thoroughly when I have more time and I’m sure find several more recipes to try out.

But, these are the 3 newest cookbooks to be added to my collection.
It was like Christmas at my house today, because as well as my cookbooks coming my Rx Bars came. I ordered these bars as they are Paleo and Whole 30 approved and I will definitely be doing another Whole 30 come March 1st. See already have my March challenge picked out, just got to pick out February’s. Need to get on that ASAP as there are only a few days left. Anyway, I haven’t tried one of the bars yet but I purchased the Coconut Cacao ones. We shall see. If I like them I’ll be ordering another flavor to try out. And, I didn’t even forget about the husband, I ordered him the mix pack of Epic Bars. I won’t eat them but I thought it’d be something good for him to try and if he likes them then we will definitely be getting him more.
I’m loving this new healthy, clean eating way of living and have been discovering so many cool new things. And a lot of that has to do with Pinterest, which is where tonight’s dinner comes from. I made zucchini lasagna which I’ve done in the past but kind of winged my own recipe, where as I decided to follow this one today, you can check it out here.
I’ve written down the instructions for the husband on how to cook it as he will be home before me tonight.
And, let me tell you TwoGrand has been an amazing app, it’s basically Instagram for your food. But, people are posting such awesome food. And, you can ask them for the recipes and they share. I’ve seen a couple of things that I’ve saved to my favorites so that I can try them out. And, also you learn about new things. Namely Epic Bars that I just bought for the husband, and Calm the Anti-Stress Drink, it’s a magnesium supplement. Which is funny because I asked about this product and a day or 2 later in the news was a big article about how most people don’t get enough magnesium. I just purchased some and tried it for the first time last night. I’ll give it a few days and let you know what I think of it, so be sure to check back in for that review.
Anyway I’m off to yoga and then some belly dancing. See you all tomorrow.