Fitness Tracker

A little while back I mentioned I got a new fitness tracker. The LifeTrak Brite 450. I didn’t want to review it until I had some time with it, and than of course I started my Whole 30 which took up 30 days of blog posts. Well today my friends is the day I’m going to tell you what I think of this fitness tracker.
First let’s talk about the look of it. I love it. It looks like a regular sports watch. It’s got a round face, it is rather large, but I like big watches anyway so that doesn’t bother me. If it had a weird shape or didn’t look like a normal watch and was as large as it is I probably wouldn’t like it as much.
And, really it’s not that big, here’s a picture of it in my wrist.

You can change the bands to different colors of you so choose to change up the look match it to your favorite outfit or what have you. My white band is getting a bit dirty I will have to see if I can clean it up. This is one thing I’m not sure about as I haven’t scrubbed it yet to see if I can remove some of the grime I guess you’d call it. With my Fitbit bands there is no getting them back to clean looking. Once they get the grime on them it stays. So, as for the is it easy to keep looking new I’m not sure I will have to get back to you on that. I do have 2 other bands I can switch between I just haven’t. I like the all white look for now.
As for tracking my steps I’m finding it pretty accurate. I sometimes feel it’s not tracking all of my steps and I think I just need to play with the calibration a bit. I need to read more into it to see which calibration setting I should be using. But, really it’s close enough. I used to be obsessed with my step numbers but now I’m more into burning calories and getting my workouts in. And, well some workouts aren’t about steps but building muscle.
Along with steps it tracks miles which again seems to be fairly accurate, but it’s no longer my main focus.
Calories burned is another feature it tracks, it keeps a bit of a better eye on this as it also has the ability to track your heart rate. It adjusts how many calories you’re burning based on your heart rate. Of course you have to remember to take your heart rate in order for that to work.
I only track my heart rate when I’m working out. Which they have a tracker for that as well. You simply toggle over to workout and hit start. It times your workout and keeps a record of your steps, miles, and calories burned during your workout. I really like this feature because I can see just what I did and how well I did in my workout. With this feature I check my heart rate before I start, a couple times during the workout, and after my cool down. This way I can see if I’m in my target range that I need to be to get all I can out of my workout. After the workout is complete you hit stop and you can review all of your stats from that workout. And, you simply clear it when finished and are ready for your next workout.
Is the heart rate monitor as good as a heart rate monitor with chest strap, probably not but I can’t wear one of those it’s annoying and uncomfortable, and this is close enough that I’ll take it. I’m not putting what it says I’m burning for calories in gold, I’m using it as an idea a ballpark figure so to speak. So this option works great for me.
Taking your heart rate while working out can become difficult at times as I’ve found if I’m sweating, which is usually always during a workout it is hard to get a reading. I have to wipe under the watch and my arm to get it to work. Other times I have no problem, it just kind of depends. So this can get a bit frustrating, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to deal with so that I don’t have to wear a chest strap.
The Brite 450 also tracks your sleep. It’s supposed to go into sleep mode automatically. I’ve been finding that mine keeps going to the manual mode. Which isn’t a big deal. I just go in and set it back to auto when I get into bed at night. Although, it’d be nice to not have to do that. I need to contact LifeTrak about this issue I just haven’t yet. I’m also not too concerned about my sleeping patterns. I love to sleep getting sleep not really an issue for me.
It won’t go into sleep mode if you’re not wearing it, it basically turns off when not on your wrist, and you have to shake it to wake it back up, which is cool. Also with this version I haven’t had any problems of the device thinking I’m sleeping when in reality I’m just being a sloth sitting around writing my blog or watching tv or whatever other sloth like activity I may be partaking in.
The last thing that the Brite tracks is your exposure to light. It’s pretty cool. Of course right now it’s constantly telling me to get more light because I’m wearing long sleeves and the light sensor on the Brite is covered up. Something I’m working on. No big deal.
You can set up alerts on your Brite as well. I’ve got mine set to remind me to get up and move. You can set how often it reminds you and how much you want to accomplish when you do get reminded. I think mine is set at every hour and 200 steps. Nothing big or crazy but enough to say, hey get up and move. I also have it set to remind me to get more light, which again is a bit hard since it’s colder out and I’m wearing long sleeves and the Brite is covered up, which means the light sensor is as well. The last thing I have it set to do is to tell me to get less light when it’s getting close to going to bed. I’ve found that this has really helped with the whole it’s time to go to bed and I’ve been off the iPad for a little while or the tv has been off.
The Brite also will send you notifications from your phone, which is a feature I could care less about. It actually drives me nuts. But, one of the nice things about the Brite is that you can turn the Bluetooth on and off. So I have the Bluetooth off until I sync with my phone to upload my data.
Now, the syncing to your phone I’ve found has left some things to be desired. I’ve found it sometimes takes several tries to get it to sync and also that it takes quite a while for it to sync. Once it does sync the app is great to see all of your data. It’s easy to navigate and and see all of your data and look it over.
Overall I love this device. If they would partner with Achievement, EveryMove, FitStudio, MatchUp, EarnedIt, and Leap 4 Life I’d get rid of my Fitbit and just use this. However as of right now they aren’t linked with any of these programs so I currently wear 2 fitness trackers. But, hey I’m doing healthy things and I like getting rewarded for doing healthy things. But, hey maybe the people at LifeTrak will see this post and review and start talking to the people at these sites and link up with them. And, then I can be a 1 fitness tracker person again.
You can check out LifeTrak and their full line of trackers here.
I love the device and all it does, and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new fitness tracker.


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