New Fitness Gadget

I found another kickstarter for a fitness gadget. And, well I’m all about the fitness gadgets. I’m currently wearing 2. I still wear my Fitbit flex and now I’m wearing my LifeTrack Brite. I’m hoping that LifeTrak will start to sync with rewards programs so that I can ditch the Fitbit, but until they do I’ll keep wearing it. I like getting rewards for stuff that I’m already doing. Cash, gift cards, and cool new products all of them are awesome, and I’m already doing these healthy things and habits so it’s nice to get rewarded for that.
The last kickstarter I did for a fitness gadget is something that I absolutely love. The day they started their crowd sourcing I had signed up for Moov. It is awesome. Works to train you better. I love Moov. I have used their boxing app, which let me tell you after just a few minutes I’m sweating buckets, and my heart is pumping. I also use the walk/run app. This app is great for working on your cadence, your speed, and improve your overall form. I love seeing my results instantly and how I’m doing. Plus it keeps me at the same pace throughout my run, which is nice. They also have an app for swimming, which I haven’t tried yet. And, they are working on a body weight one next, which I’m excited to try out once it’s released.
I learned about a new fitness gadget and it’s kickstarter campaign yesterday, and well I bought in. It’s another fitness tracker. It records all of the stuff most trackers record steps, miles, calories burned, etc. It also records your heart rate 24 hours a day. It is basically a bandaid type device. It sticks on your side looks kind of like a bandaid and lasts for 7 days. It has wireless charging and looks pretty cool. I’m excited to try it out. Of course it won’t ship till June, but that’s okay I can wait till then. Here’s a write up of the device. And, if you want in on the product you can just click right here and get yourself one too.
I’m such a fitness gadget junkie. It’s become a bit of an obsession of mine. But, hey it keeps me motivated to keep moving and going so I’ll take it.


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