New Fitness Class Kicked Ass

Yesterday, I hinted that I was going to take a new fitness class. And, well I did it, and it was so much fun. I was a complete hot, uncoordinated mess, but I had a blast doing it.
So, what is this class you ask? BELLY DANCING!!!
Yes, that’s right I took a belly dancing class. My yoga instructor teaches the class. It just started this week, Tiffany, the coolest yoga instructor, is offering the class on Tuesday and Thursday nights after power yoga. Right now I have Krav class on Tuesday so I can’t go on Tuesdays, but Thursdays I’m there.
It is some serious work, I can feel it in my abs that’s for sure. But, I’m a white girl and I have no rhythm and can’t body roll or isolate different parts of my body. But, hey I gave it the old college try. I was cracking up at times because what she had us doing I was a complete mess at.
She had us moving and doing hip circles at one point, yeah I was not a pretty site at it. I’ll have to work on that one at home. LOL.
Some of the moves I was able to pick up, so I’m not a complete lost case. And, the most important part of the whole thing was that I had a ton of fun doing it. I know I worked because like I said I can feel it in my abs already, but the entire hour went by so fast. It was fun and didn’t feel like working out. It was a good class and I can’t wait for the next one.
I will definitely be sticking with this class. And, I can only improve. I mean I can’t get any worse than I already am.
I love fitness classes. Not only the group setting, but I find I push myself a bit harder when there are other people around. And, not that they are watching me as I’m sure they are focused on their own workout, but the fact that they could be makes me work harder, push harder, and try harder than if I was doing it by myself. Plus when others are around you can laugh with each other.
Enjoy your weekend.


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