Air & Space Round 2 plus IKEA

We got up this morning packed up the stuff in the hotel and drove into DC. We quickly found parking right outside the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and it’s a Federal holiday wig means free parking. Double Score! We, got there just as they opened and headed right in.
This museum I think may be my favorite that we visited this past weekend. If you’ve never been it’s definitely one to check out. Lots of interactive displays, has a great flow to it, and so many interesting things to see.
You walk in the doors and some of the coolest things are right there. We explored space, through Mercury, Gemini, and the Apollo missions. Got to experience the change of commercial airlines. It was really cool to go into planes and see the way they were set up. There were lots of simulations to check out as well.
There was the Spirit of St Louis, Space Ship One, a plane flown by Amelia Earhart, the Wright Flyer, and countless other planes, space objects, and gadgets. It was a great place and definitely one I’ll be going to again.
And, now we are off to the land of the Sweeds or IKEA. I love this place and I’m sure I’ll find something funky to spruce up the house a bit.
Happy Long Weekend.


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