Seriously It’s The Little Things That Get Me Jazzed

So, I got lots of little things to share with you.
First up, while in DC we had gone out to Leesburg one day since it was raining and cold and not really a great day to be walking around in DC, and we hit up the outlets. One of my favorites is the Kitchen Store. I love me some kitchen stuff. I was really good, and I only picked up some more silicone spatulas. In my opinion you can never have enough of these babies. I use them all of the time. Every time I’m making something in the kitchen I’m using at least one if not more. Along with the spatulas I picked up some more measuring cups and spoons. This set is amazing. And, well I use lots of measuring spoons and cups as well. Every meal uses at least a couple. And, I do have a couple of sets of cups and spoons so that there is always at least one size I need clean. However, at the kitchen store I landed on the mother load of measuring cups and spoons. First up the spoons. Everyone has the 1/4 to 1 teaspoon and a tablespoon. Well this set has 1/32 teaspoon all the way up to a tablespoon. What!!!! Yeah you heard me. How awesome is that. Then the cups we go from 1/8 all the way up to 2 cups. I love this set and I’m sure it will get used all of the time.

Second up is some fun new workout tees. We had gone to the New Balance store and were able to find the husband some new sneakers that fit correctly and also aren’t insanely priced. Well while there I found these 2 shirts that I had to get. I love wearing shirts that say something inspiring or funny to workout in and well these both fit the bill.


And, finally yesterday my hand targets and gloves for Krav class were delivered. I tried them both on last night and they fit great and are comfortable so they are keepers and won’t be returned. Whoooo! Bring on the butt kicking.


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