Yoga & A Brewery

A friend of mine and I decided since we live back in the same town we need to hang out more often. We got together a couple of months ago for a coffee date, and then again around Christmas time we hung out for an hour or so. It was time to get together holidays are over and it’s time to hang out.
Her suggestion was yoga at Smartmouth Brewery on Sunday. I at first took this as code for let’s get drunk. Which, hey I’m okay with, but we are friends no need to talk in code, we can just come out and say this stuff. I went to the Brewery’s website and sure enough once a month on Sundays they offer a free yoga class. What!!!! Awesome!!!
I mean think about it, it’s kind of a genius plan, and a sure fire way to get some more people interested in yoga and your product. Jen’s husband came to the class as well. I’m thinking I may be able to even convince the husband to try yoga, or yogurt as he calls it. I mean do yoga for an hour and then there is beer. You don’t even have to go anywhere to get the beer it’s right in the same room you do yoga in. During the class they talk about beer, they tell you face the bar or taps, probably something you never thought you’d hear in a yoga class. So maybe I can convince the husband to try it out. We will see.

The class was packed. There were a lot of people willing to do some yoga for beer afterwards. As every available space of floor was used. Not only was the class packed but it was a great class. I really enjoyed it. It was amazing! I pushed myself hard and even did all of the downward dogs, was doing well in balancing poses, and felt good in all of my warrior variations. I plan on pushing myself in my regular classes if I could do it today I can do it every day.
After the class one you could get beer if you so choose. None for this girl as their was no gluten-free beer for this girl, but also they were giving a tour of the brewery. It was really informative we even got to meet the head brewmaster. They gave a great tour and gave lots of information and answered all the questions that were thrown at them.


If you can find it they do sell cans of 3 of their beers. Well as long as your in the Hampton Roads area up to Richmond.
I definitely will be going back next month for their class it’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday morning.

And, since these yoga classes are only once a month Jen and I are going to head on over to Lululemon on Sundays as they offer a free class as well. Looks like we will be having Sunday yoga dates. I’ll be looking forward to them.

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