That Kicked My A$$

Today is out to kick my ass and it’s not even 11am yet. I did workout 12 of the #fitin15 challenge this morning. It was a standing abs, buns, and thighs routine. So yup stuff burning before I even ate breakfast. It was only 17 minutes, but I felt every last second of those 17 minutes.
I made myself and the husband breakfast, packed the gym bag, and off we went. Piloxing class was intense. I don’t think we were even through the warm up and I was already breaking a sweat. Add in the core work and the leg work and oh my god. We did a ton of stuff on one side and then would switch to the other. I thought my standing leg was going to die. I made it through but when I say the sweat was dripping I mean it. It was like doing a T25 workout. But hey I guess it’s working. According to the heart rate monitor 500 calories burned in those 50 minutes so I’ll take it.
I’m now recouping a bit rehydrating and having a snack so I can kick zumba’s a$$ and not the other way around.
I love working out. I never thought I’d be the person to say that but I get agitated when I can’t do my workouts. It actually pisses me off. Who knew that I’d become that person.
After Zumba it’ll be off to do the grocery shopping for the week then home for some lunch and maybe a nap. I might need it today. Plus laundry will have to be done. There has been so much laundry lately it’s driving me crazy. I feel like I do it every day and there are only 2 of us. Yup, definitely will be taking a nap after thinking about the laundry.
Happy Friday.

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