Popped In

Today I popped in to one of my classes that I had been attending. I stopped by the Zumba class to say hello to everyone and let them all know how I was doing. 

I miss the class a lot and can’t wait till I can return. I need to get myself

Back to the gym to do something because I’ve been a lazy ass and feel like crap about it. I am thinking about doing some swimming since that shouldn’t cause issues with the leg. It’s just boring since its an individual thing not a class atmosphere. But, at least it’s something. 

I’m going to start doing some weight training for the upper body. Unfortunately, it all has to be non-weight bearing so that means no serious lifts. It’ll be bench presses, curls, and extensions but at least it’s something. 

Being injured sucks. 

6 Weeks Of PT

Yesterday I had my first physical therapy appointment for my leg. We’re looking at least 6 weeks before I can do any real activity. And, well yuck to that. 

There was work on the ankle and then work on the knee. My new friend is a Thera-band. Not that Thera-band is really a new friend to me. I’ve had my fair share of use with them. 

With the ankle we do some massage to break up any adhesions I have going on, followed by some dorsiflexion, plantarfexion, and some eversion, all with a Thera-band for some resistance. Also working on my balance/proprioception. 

After the ankle we moved onto the knee. And, well that’s a bit of a disaster. There isn’t anything you can actually do for my knee except work on strength of the muscles around the knee. So you guessed it lots of quad, hamstring, glute, hip adductor and abductor work. Hello leg lifts, clam shells, and eventually leg extensions and curls. This is all followed up with some electric stim to the VMO to get that baby firing and strong. We did a McConnell taping to help with keeping the kneecap in place. It works great and definitely made it feel more stable, unfortunately it’s not a lifetime solution. 

Here’s hoping that the physical therapy will make things feel better and stronger. I really don’t want to have surgery. 

Of course we are supposed to be getting another snow storm tonight into tomorrow. And, they are now calling for 4-8+ inches. If we get that here I can assure you I won’t be having physical therapy as the entire city will be shut down. Who am I kiddingb it hasn’t even started snowing yet and they’ve already started canceling and closing things for tomorrow. 

I’m also supposed to have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow to work on my hip so that we can get this leg in shape. However, that will be cancelled to I’m sure. 

Good thing I can do almost all of the physical therapy treatments at home myself. I don’t have a stim unit, that does muscle contraction so I’ll have to skip that step but otherwise I can get everything else in. 

I need to get back to the gym sooner rather than later. 

It’s Just A Little Snow

Okay, so I know I had promised you an update on the leg, however, I need to rant. And, well this rant won’t wait till tomorrow. 

This morning my phone was going off like crazy to let me know there was a winter weather storm advisory. The best part for half an inch. Well, the storm started earlier than they were predicting, like 4 hours earlier than they predicted. And, well I’m thinking we are getting a bit more than that half an inch. I already have an inch outside my house. 

And, well of course with the slightest bit of snow and people here go stupid. I don’t know why they can’t drive in the snow. The snow wasn’t sticking to the roads as I was trying to get home this afternoon. I wasn’t even using my windshield wipers unless I was stopped at a light and then I’d just hit them once. So yeah not really much of a snow storm. I’d call it a snow shower. Here though the way people are driving you’d think it was the blizzard to end all blizzards. I was 6 miles from home it took an hour and a half to get home. 

Why, you ask. Yeah, I was asking that too. Are you serious people it’s just a little snow. Drive like a normal person, and don’t drive like an a$$hole and you’ll be fine. Apparently, that’s to difficult for people because there were accidents everywhere which of course screwed with my drive home. 

Of course traffic is all sorts of jacked and then people make it worse. Look I get it you want to get home, but stop driving through the intersection when it’s clearly not moving and wait for the next cycle. Because, now you’ve just made it so that no one can move in the intersection. Common sense people let’s use it. 

I’m also thinking that to pass you drivers test you must be able to demonstrate that you can handle driving in any driving condition and this most definitely includes snow. 

The best part about all of this is we are supposed to get, according to the weathermen on tv anyway a significant storm on Thursday. Of course this storm is calling for anywhere from half an inch to 10 inches. That’s a bit of a big difference in totals. We shall see what happens. I of course have 2 doctor appointments on Thursday which I’m sure they will either cancel or I’ll be calling to cancel since I don’t want to be anywhere around people driving on the roads here if snow is falling. 

Tomorrow there will be a full update on the leg. 

Shipping Him Off

This afternoon I dropped the husband off at the airport so that he could head back overseas for work.
He’ll be gone for about 5 weeks home for a week and then gone for about 4 months. He’ll be home here and there during he first 2 months of the 4. It’ll be a long 5.5 months.
I miss the man when he’s gone even though he drives me nuts at times when he’s home. I love the big guy though and am counting the days until I pick him up again.
And, tomorrow I’ll have a full update on the injury, otherwise known as the hotmess that is my leg.


This afternoon the husband and I went to see our first movie together ever. Movie as in at a theatre. Yeah, crazy but we’ve never been to the movies together until today that is.
We went and saw Kingsmen, and it was great. Action, comedy, spy gadgets, and Samuel L Jackson speaking with a lisp. Yeah, it was hilarious.
The husband and I definitely were repeating some lines from the movie on our drive home.
Definitely a fun movie to check out.
Happy Sunday.

Home Ahhhh

We were up in DC yesterday into today. We just got back home, as in we pretty much just walked in the door.
After a long car ride it’s just nice to be done with things. I’m sitting back with my leg up, watching crap television, and not giving a hoot about the laundry that needs to be done or the 100 other things that need to be taken care of.
Happy Friday.