Injury Update

Well yesterday during class I went to do a lunge and my knee went out on me. This is not the first time this has happened. Almost 18 years to the day was the first time I did this. And, yes to the same knee. Same type of thing happened I went one way and the knee decided to go another way.
Luckily, the husband had come to the gym with me and was there because it’s my right knee and the drive home would of been really interesting if he had not been there. We came home so we could take care of the dogs and shower since we were both pretty sweaty from working out. After a quick shower, letting the dogs out, and feeding them we headed off to the ER.
I was pretty sure I knew what was going to happen. X-rays, knee immobilized, crutches, and follow up with an orthopedic. And, well yup that’s exactly what transpired. Overall the experience at the ER wasn’t too bad we were in and out within two and a half hours. Which, that’s not too bad considering I’ve been to much smaller hospitals and waited way longer than that.
Today, I called the orthopedics group they recommended and have an appointment set up for tomorrow afternoon. I’m sure they will want to do an MRI sometime soon to check out all of the soft tissue and after that they will assess what to do.
So tomorrow afternoon I’ll have a bit better of an idea of what’s going on and after the MRI I’m sure they will order I’ll have an even better idea.



There is a knee joint in their somewhere.

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