Operation Chiseled Arms

I’ve decided that since the lower body is out of commission for the next few weeks, that it is definitely time to get my wimpy, flabby arms into shape.
I ran over to Target today and picked myself up some 5 pound weights. I know what you’re thinking 5 pounds that’s it. When I say my arms are wimpy I’m not kidding. I figured 5 pounds was a good place to start. And, I can go up from there. I’m looking at the select-a-size, I don’t know what they are really called but the weights that you can adjust from 2 to whatever amount they go to. They would take up a lot less space and in the end cost lest then buying a ton of individual weights. But, for right now 5 pounds should be good.
I’ve got the 5 pound weights and I’m looking at Pinterest and on the web for all sorts of upper body workouts that don’t require weight bearing because that’s out.
I’ll be posting my progress with this whole get some nice shapely no longer wimpy looking amazing in a tank top arms.
Monday will start the new workout regimen, I’m thinking it’ll be a 3 times a week thing, as I need to give the muscles time to recover. I’ll start at slow and build up.
It’s Time To Pump You Up Arms, said in my best Arnold impersonation.
Hope your Saturday is amazing.


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