MRI = Ouch

I had my MRI done on my knee today. The problem with MRIs is that first they put you in a tube which feels like a coffin to me. Luckily, my upper body didn’t have to go in the tube since it was just my knee they were looking at. Second they position your body so that they can get the picture, however, usually it is not the most comfortable or supportive. And, well let’s just say after about 10 minutes of having my leg a certain way I was in quite a bit of pain. By the time the 25 minute scan was over I was in a lot of pain.
And, well an hour and a half later I’m still in pain.
But, the good news is that by Friday I will hopefully have news as to what we are going to do with this knee of mine. Fingers crossed I’m told I can go back to activity sooner rather than later.


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