Pamper Day

After yesterday’s slightly painful MRI it was time to make me feel good. I already had a hair appointment scheduled that was made 6 weeks ago, it just worked out that it was the day after the MRI.
However, as I was leaving the MRI the salon called me to tell me that the stylist I see is no longer working there. Ughhhhhh! I loved her. However, I’ve been going there for a while so I’ve gotten to see some of the other stylist at work and was able to request another stylist that I like. She had an opening 10 minutes after when my original appointment was supposed to be so it worked out perfectly.
I’ve got a great cut and nice styled hair. Perfect.
After the hair cut I headed on over to WOW Brows and got my eyebrows threaded by the fastest lady ever. I mean she’s done before I’ve even fully reclines in the chair. Okay, not quite that fast but she is fast and well the eyebrows are looking good.
Tomorrow I’ll finish my pampering by going to get a mani/pedi. I could of gone today but I was just tired and hungry and decided to come home. I have no appointments okay well no that’s not true I just made plans with a friend to go see an 11 o’clock showing of 50 Shades tomorrow night. But, no appointments going on during the day tomorrow. The one and only day this week. It’s been a busy week.
Happy Wednesday

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