Apparently My Anatomy Is Jacked

Went to the doctor for a follow up with my knee to go over the MRI results.
The good news no ligament or meniscus damage. So that’s good.
The bad news my anatomy is apparently all jacked up. Let’s not forget my already abnormal anatomy with my tibia tuberosity/tubercle being in the wrong place.
Well we can add to these anomalies now. My tibia has condyles that aren’t as big as they should be nor is the notch between them it’s a lot shallower than what it should be. My patella also doesn’t sit in the groove it sits on my lateral condyle instead. So yup anatomy is all sorts of screwed up.
The doctor of course drew pictures for me, and as soon as he said I’ll draw you a picture I knew things were bad. When they literally draw a picture nothing good is going to come out of this.

So this is what a normal knee would look like.
And, now here’s what my knee looks like

And, here they are side by side

Yeah great. We are going to try to avoid surgery though and start with physical therapy and hope that it will work. I really don’t want the surgery they are talking about.
Oh knee why oh why do you have to be so anatomically ridiculous and abnormal.

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