Hip Out

I have a snapping hip, actually I have 2 snapping hips. And, well right now my right hip is out, and not really wanting to go back in. Which, on its own sucks because it’s uncomfortable. However, when you add that to the already screwed up knee, ankle, and lower leg all on the same side, and well let’s just say I’m ready to cut off my leg.
I’ve taken ibuprofen and am staying off of it as much as possible. I also went to the chiropractor this morning to help get it back in place. Unfortunately, I think that may have made it worse. At best it’s the same as it was before. It’s definitely not back in yet. I’ll be going back to have another adjustment and hopefully after a few adjustments it will go back into place and stay there. At least for a little while.
Next week I’ll be starting physical therapy as well which is good because I need to do something and hopefully this will get me back to being able to start classes again sooner rather than later.
Happy Hump Day.


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